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The Bianchi Law Firm has a focused trial practice in criminal defense with an emphasis on crimes involving drugs and alcohol. We also provide counsel and/or representation in personal injury or wrongful death cases.

* Criminal Defense

Our Criminal Defense practice focuses on matters involving alcohol and drugs, including:
- DUI, formerly referred to as "DWI"
- Vehicular Homicide
- Vehicular Assault
- Reckless Driving
- Negligent Driving in the First Degree
- Assault
- Drug Recognition ("DRE")
- Possession with intent to distribute
- Narcotics
- Hallucinogens
- Recreational/social drugs

Additionally, we have the resources and experience to handle other types of criminal allegations, such as:
- Battery/Assault
- Robbery
- Home Invasion/Burglary
- Theft
- Other crimes which involve the use of alcohol and/or drugs
- Homicide

From the time of arrest until the end of trial, we put our extensive legal and investigative experience to work in your defense. We review police reports, investigate the circumstances and scene of arrest, interview witnesses, perform background checks on all parties, and discuss the need for expert witnesses and/or investigators.

We also handle civil licensing suspension and asset/home forfeiture proceedings that are often part of a criminal matter involving controlled substances and driving under the influence. For an outline of the license suspension laws and more extensive explanation of the DUI laws and how we work with you when you have been charged with a DUI, visit our ARTICLES page.

* Plaintiff's Personal Injury

Individuals injured because of the negligent or intentional behavior of another are often entitled to financial compensation for their medical and property expenses and incidental costs caused by the accident, and may be entitled to additional damages to cover future expenses, pain and suffering, or other issues. If you or a family member has been injured as a result of medical care, nursing home care or neglect, a car accident, or an accident from a fall or construction, contact us to discuss your case.

* Wrongful Death

"Wrongful Death" is a legal term that refers to situations when a person dies due to the negligence of another. Wrongful death cases may arise as a result of many different circumstances, including car accidents, aviation accidents, and medical malpractice. We make sure that the survivor and beneficiaries are maximally compensated for their loss.

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